How does Tahir Sheikh Weddings work?

By taking a glance at our services, you can choose any package which you like to have. You can contact us via the website or reach us out by our contact details, once we are done with discussion – we will cover your event and your photographs will be provided via a digital device, Google docs or in album form and payments will be cleared!

What will be done in case of dissatisfaction?

Tahir Sheikh Weddings always work for love and admiration from people. We put our whole efforts and big hearts in giving you the best so expect the best from us! Check out our pictures, read the reviews and hear what our clients have to say!

What are the modes of payment?

We are dedicated to commitment and giving you the best just what you ask for, so we offer payment options like online transactions, and cash both. Feel enchanted and join us in our journey of moments and magic!