About Us


About Us

Hello! Our wedding agency has been present for over 11 years in the market.

Weddings have inspired and touched us forever as we believe in love and peace! To witness a beautiful union of two individuals, Tahir Sheikh Weddings brings joy and happiness to the lovely couples. Tahir Sheikh Weddings aims to cater to your needs and provide professional albums with affordability and high-quality. Share your stunning moments and let us film you in an effortless style. From covering events to adding colours, emphasizing emotions and focusing on special moments, Tahir Sheikh Weddings flatters you in a pleasing manner!

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Being a professional photography venture, Tahir Sheikh Weddings is all about digital prints, beautiful films, professional designing, and premium photography. Tahir Sheikh is a renowned photographer who has over 11 years of experience in professional designing, photography and film making. He specialized in on-location journalistic style photography and creative filming. With an enormous list of fashion shows, portraits and concerts, corporate events and much more, he was able to make things work for his clients and weaved dreams out of real moments!



With his immense knowledge, Tahir captures the creative and special moments with as little intrusion as possible, seizing moments as they are happening in real. During portraits, he aims to keep everyone relaxed and thrilled. Whether you are camera shy or don’t know how to pose nicely in front of the camera, we’ve got you covered! Because we crave for your Natural Smiles!

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